San Diego Zoo Map shows all attractions and sightseeing that are provided at the zoo. The map has its legend, divided into Guest Services, Shopping spots, Dining areas, Restroom locations, and many other various destinations of each animal.

Visitors can find a zoo map throughout the zoo as well.


Things to do

San Diego Zoo provides multiple options starting from taking the zoo guided tours to attending animal shows, encounters. Besides, there are various things to do inside the zoo, and it does not matter what time of year you visit the zoo. There are multiple animal areas connected by trails; some of them are wheelchair accessible. Each path is marked with time, distance, and level of difficulty to navigate. Visitors should see Scripps Aviary, the Polar Bear Plunge, Tiger River, the Elephant Odyssey, the Australian Outback trails, and the underwater view of the hippopotamus pond. San Diego Zoo features some special programs for visitors fun and entertainment, as well as exciting guided tours, play areas, and kid programs. Guided Bus Tour San Diego Guided Bus Tour is available from 9 am to 5 pm every day. Visitors can get into a double-decker bus and enjoy a 35-minute tour. Visitors can get Go San Diego Card, by which the adult members of the annual Pass will pay $13, for a child aged between 3-11 will pay $10. The payment involves a daily, unlimited ride on both the Guided Bus Tour and Kangaroo Bus. Kangaroo Bus The Kangaroo Bus allows visitors to pick-up and drop-off at four different stops in the zoo. The bus is available from 10:30 am until closing time. Botanical Tours San Diego Zoo provides self-guided botanical tours for visitors to allow them to explore spectacular plant collections and gardens any time they choose. In gardens, visitors can find Australian Outback, Elephant Odyssey Trees, Fern Canyon, Monkey Trails, whi

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